How Solve a Cube

Thing you need

How to solve the Rubik's Cube

  1. Try to make the daisy
  2. match up the edges one by one and rotate the front face 2 times
  3. Memorize the algorithm Up-Left-Down-Right and use the algorithm when you find a white corner and conect the other two faces and keep dong the algorithm until the white corner gets inserted, repeat this until the white side is done.
  4. match the color with the same edge and move away from the top color and use the algorithm with your right hand if you moved it away on the left side and do the algorithm with your left hand if you swiped it away by your right side
  5. depending on how it looks like you move the front face clockwise and do the algorithm. Then, you move the face back and repeat this until it works.
  6. Use this site to learn how to solve the last layer using this website and follow it depending on how it looks like.

  7. Site